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28 sellout collections


Subway to Canvas

Temper is the most successful commercial graffiti artist of modern times, he began at eleven years old, painting walls and subways of Wolverhampton. He didn't paint “untouched walls” but overpainted other murals that were racist or distasteful with more colourful and publicly acceptable Hip Hop style influenced work. He“tagged” around the City of Wolverhampton, but had rules, he never defaced public buildings, architecture, statues or religious buildings. Temper found this disrespectful.


Temper took his work from the walls of subways and derelict buildings on a journey into commercial art. Big murals were easy for him and stencil art wasn’t his thing, most people with a little practice and direction could do that. But you can’t sell a wall, so his plan was to take the vision of Temper into the commercial art market and raise the profile of urban art and graffiti to higher levels, paving the way for other artists to make a living from this beautiful emerging art form. His journey was to take Temper from walls to intimate conversations with canvas.

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